Social Justice Teachings, Documents, and more

Hill Connections presents a six-part introduction to the broad array — in religious, political, civic, and business realms — of social justice traditions, documents, principles, conventions, and codes of conduct that shape efforts towards a just, sustainable, and peaceful world. The groupings are:

There are documents and principles that are not included due to space limitations; other documents, such as the Earth Charter, an inspiring document, do not fit within the above categories. Thus, this sub-section, albeit limited, is a broad, respectful introduction to various faith traditions, interfaith groups, business and global bodies — that share common values, such as social justice, community, spirituality, compassion, healing, and solidarity. (Note: Since Hill Connections flows out of an extensive Roman Catholic social justice tradition, it is given special emphasis — Key Themes, Papal Documents, Episcopal Documents, and Counciliar/Synodal Documents.)

You will observe growths in understanding over periods of time and across various traditions, global bodies, and business-related entities. You may not agree with all that is presented; additionally, sections of documents are controversial, such as the “just war theory” in the Catholic tradition.

While there are differences — in spiritualities, perspectives, focus, emphasis, ethics, and philosophies — there is significant common ground. Hopefully, differences generate respectful dialogue.