Social Justice Issues

Hill Connections offers ways of linking faith with action for social justice — to help build a just and peaceful world. Introductions to Social Justice Issues (with links to web sites for in-depth background material and analysis) are provided. When focusing on an issue, consider using a 4-step Social Analysis Process as part of your reflection. As you contemplate these issues in light of your spirituality, you are invited to put your faith into action.


Widespread abuse and neglect: child labor, trafficking, and child soldiers. Stop the demand for human trafficking. Needed: U.S. ratification of Convention on the Rights of the Child. 2013 Children’s/Youth Inaugural Address.

Death Penalty

Violence begets violence; all life sacred. U.S. out of step: 1,414 executions since 1976! At the Death House Door: Chaplain Carroll Pickett. Inspirational: Juan Melendez and Bud Welch and Mary Johnson. 155 innocent people released from death row.


Eisenhower’s: “cross of iron.” Carter: a nuclear crisis. Disarming peacemakers: Thomas E. Trimmer and Carol Gilbert, OP, and Ardeth Platte, OP. How much tax dollars pay for war. Sojourner’s video: War No More.

Genetic Engineering (GE)

Dangers of terminator seeds, Bt engineering, pharming, programmed resistance to herbicides. A Theological Framework for Evaluating Genetically Modified Food. Support organic agriculture and the best nutrition for children. Avoid 9 GE foods. Green Festivals.

Global Debt Relief

Commitment to debt relief still needed. Jubilee Blog. Become a jubilee congregation. Catholic campaign against global poverty. Global Food Security Act

Landmines/Cluster Bombs

Efforts to ban landmines and cluster bombs. U.S. has not signed The Ban Mine Treaty; Nobel Peace laureates call on President Obama to join treaty. U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines.


232 million migrants in 2013. Amnesty International’s report, Why Am I Here? Pastoral letter: Strangers No Longer. Prayer service: Celebrating Immigrant. NFWM resources. Inspirational: Coalition of Immokalee Workers. Act now for immigration reform. Watch “Families Under Threat”.


Vow of Nonviolence. Peace campaigns: Global Nonviolent Peaceforce and Christian Peacemaker Teams. Purchase Peace Bonds. Just Peacemaking Initiative. Support needed for Department of Peacebuilding.

Restorative Justice

Sobering statistics: such as U.S. is world leader in incarceration. Restorative justice sites. Real Justice training. Treatment Instead of Prison programs. Videos about principles and best practices. “Would Putting Me in Prison Serve the Common Good”

School of Americas (SOA/WHISC)

SOA responsible for notorious dictators and human rights abusers. SOA Watch Legislation 101. SOA Watch’s 2013 vigil; see photos. SOA Watch 2015 delegations and 2015 vigil.


Striving for freedom, peace, and equality. Peace X Peace. Worldwide exploitation and abuse: TRADE, the movie. Rescue and Restore: anti-trafficking campaign. CEDAW ratified by 189 countries, but not U.S. President Carter’s prophetic book: A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power.