Prayer Requests and Prayer Partners

We offer this subsection to extend the power of prayer. We are connected as sisters and brothers in the family of God, and praying on behalf of each other is a deep and powerful way to acknowledge and strengthen that connection.

You are invited to send in your Prayer Requests. When a request comes in, it will be sent to our Prayer Partners via email. Only as much information as is requested will be shared with our prayer partners. We encourage brevity (see requests below). As Prayer Requests come in, our Prayer Partners are notified as soon as possible. Prayer needs are included on this page for quite awhile and are in our hearts for a long time afterward.

Thank you, and many blessings be yours!

Prayer Requests

We invite you to pray for these special intentions:

  • For the people of Nicaragua who are experiencing a great deal of turmoil and violence
  • For my friend, recently diagnosed with melanoma which has metastasized, including to her brain
  • For good health care and support for a friend and several of her siblings who are dealing with memory problems
  • For reconciliation, healing, and well-being in my son’s family
  • For the health and well-being of friends who are dealing with serious health issues, especially one going through a stem cell process
  • That a kidney soon becomes available for a friend on dialysis and that surgery and recovery are very successful
  • For protection for those suffering from terrible, terrorist attacks, especially in Iraq, Syria, and other hotspots worldwide, and for humanitarian relief for migrants, especially for children
  • That the U.S. passes just, compassionate, and comprehensive immigration reform