4-Step Social Analysis Process

How does one make an impact, locally and globally, in life-affirming and life-enhancing ways for these millions of children? One way is to engage in a 4-step social analysis process, that links faith with action, and then to follow where your heart leads you.

Social Analysis

  1. Awareness What do I/we see? What is happening? (The Linking Faith with Action section introduces many social justice issues, such as Children at Risk and Global Debt Relief.)
  2. Analysis Why is this happening? Who is benefiting? In what ways are children impacted? What ideas or models have been successful in addressing the problem? Who is inspirational? (Within the overview of each social justice issue, numerous and informative links to other web sites are provided.)
  3. Reflection What are my/our values? What does faith bring to this? How is my/our spirituality, my/our inner life-force, informed and inspired by social justice teachings and documents?
  4. Action What action(s) is/are most needed? Given my/our resources, what can I/ we do? With whom can I/we connect? For wisdom and solidarity? For a stronger voice and impact?