Hill Connections and Servants of Mary of Ladysmith

Hill Connections (HC) — developed by Mary Pat Hill, OSM — is both a free-lance ministry as well as a web site.¬†Hill Connections is an online ministry linking Contemplation and Social Justice, faith with action. Rooted in Servite (Servants of Mary) and Catholic traditions, this site welcomes those of every faith tradition who value community, spirituality, compassion, healing, solidarity, and social justice.

HC Ministry

  • Mary, a Servant of Mary (see next listing), is available, online and on-site, for short and long term projects for those whose resources do not allow for a full-time staff member. Her primary areas are:
    • Social Justice Projects and
    • Computer Assistance (individual training; designing and editing of newsletters, brochures, reports, and so on). Both areas of service are for social justice groups, schools, churches, religious communities, and individuals.

HC Website

The mission is to link, nurture, and support Contemplation and Social Justice, faith in action.¬†This ministry seeks to be educational, formational, and inspirational — particularly for those seeking spirituality and meaning, for faith communities, and for social activists. HC works collaboratively with others to build a faith-based, just, sustainable, and peace-filled world. Marguerite Samz, OSM, assists with this outreach.

Servants of Mary (OSM) of Ladysmith, Wisconsin

The coordinators of this web site are members of the Servants of Mary of Ladysmith, Wisconsin — a religious congregation of women dedicated to Gospel living, with Mary, Jesus’ mother, as our model, under the title of Our Lady of Sorrows. Our community was founded in 1912 as the first U.S. congregation of Servants of Mary and is headquartered in Ladysmith.

Our Mission

To be, like Mary, a compassionate presence in people’s lives.

Our Vision

That all know the presence and love of God and live in harmony with creation.

Core Values

Follow Jesus and pursue justice, mercy, and peace.


Embrace unity enriched by diversity, nurture friendship, and welcome all in hospitality.


Share others’ joys and sorrows, and respond with understanding.

Strategic Directions

We stand with the oppressed and exploited
We stand for the dignity of women and children
We stand for life and against violence in all its forms.

We minister in four states in the fields of education, health care, pastoral ministry, and social action. We are part of a worldwide order of Servants of Mary (also known as Servites): brothers, Secular Servites, sisters, and priests.